Interested in becoming a Wilshire Rotarian?
Membership in Wilshire Rotary is on an invitation basis so:
  • Get to know us and let us get to know you. Attend meetings, service projects, social gatherings.
  • Find a member to sponsor you and help you complete our simple application. 
  • The application is reviewed and approved (or not) by the board within 10 days. Once board approves, it is presented to membership and given 10 days for any objections.
  • With no objections, member is asked to pay required dues and fees. A formal induction date is then set where new member receives pins, badges, welcome materials and is introduced to members who can help answer questions and assist new member in getting involved.
Wilshire Rotary Dues
  • Annual dues are $350.00 billed in June for the upcoming year to coincide with Rotary fiscal year July 1-June 30.
  • Family members are eligible to join at half the member price
  • Dues are prorated for new members.
  • For new members, there is a one time initiation fee of $150.00 which covers the cost of new member plaques, pins, badges and materials.

Contact our Membership Chair Ray Schuldenfrei